Easy Refunds and Returns Policy

1. Defective Products:

  • Get a replacement within 30 days if your product has issues from the manufacturer.
  • Return the faulty item within 14 days to our service center for inspection.
  • Note: If our branch staff can’t see the problem, it won't qualify for a replacement.
  • If we confirm the defect, we'll replace it in 30 days or give you a refund in 14 days.
  • Please note: Misusing the product, no warranty coverage, or software issues aren't manufacturer defects.
  • If your product looks damaged on delivery, tell us within 24 hours.

2. Non-Defective Products:

  • You have 14 days to return unopened items in their original packaging with all accessories.

Return Steps:

  • Request a return on our website.
  • We'll send a courier within 24 hours.
  • We'll decide on your return within 72 hours after getting the item.
  • Return all extras to avoid charges


  • Return items at any of our branches with your receipt.

Product Replacement:

  • We'll replace your item if it's in stock at no extra cost.
  • If we can't replace it, we'll refund you based on your bank's terms.

Refund Process:

  • We'll refund you within 14 business days after your return request.
  • Your refund will go back the way you paid, unless it was cash.

Mobile Phone, Laptop, and Screen Conditions:

  • Keep screens safe during inspection or delivery.
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